The SII engineering consulting group has released its revenue figures for the third quarter of fiscal 2018-2019.

Management board chairman Eric Matteucci commented that: “In the wake of its first-half performance, the SII Group again posted quarterly growth, bringing total revenue for the first nine months to €458.8m. Our extensive line of services, combined with the dedication of our staff in assisting our customers, has helped the SII Group outperform the sector as a whole in terms of growth. Accordingly, we are confident that we can achieve our declared annual goals.”

Over the first nine months of its fiscal year, the SII Group’s revenue increased by 13.2 percent to €458.8m. Growth was sustained in France (9.1 percent) and strong in international operations (18.6 percent).

Business in the third quarter was up 11.8 percent from the third quarter of the previous year, with revenue totaling €163.2m. The improvement in the period reflects the Group’s strategy of securing and holding on to its clients, together with the value added by our teams, who incorporate new technologies as part of the services we provide.

Sustained business in France and elsewhere

Following a successful first half, revenue by the SII Group’s operations in France for the first nine months was up 9.1 percent to €247.8m. Quarterly sales totaled €89.8m (9 percent more than in Q3 of fiscal 2017-2018). All sectors contributed to this result (aerospace & defense, banking & insurance, energy, transportation, automotive and retail & distribution).

The SII Group’s international operations continued to expand at a rapid pace during the first nine months of fiscal 2018-2019, as revenue rose by 18.6 percent (including organic growth of 19.6 percent) to €211.0m. Third-quarter revenue, at €73.3m, was up 15.7 percent from the same period in fiscal 2017-2018. The operations contributing most to organic growth of 16.6 percent were those in Poland (32 percent), Canada (60 percent), Chile (35 percent) and Colombia (48 percent). Even though sales declined in Germany during the quarter, total business increased over the first nine months. Third-quarter growth was moderate in Spain, at 3 percent.

Outlook for fiscal 2018-2019

Considering the business generated over the first nine months of fiscal 2018-2019, the SII Group confirms its revenue guidance of between 625 and 640 million euros for fiscal 2018-2019 as a whole, with an improvement of its operating margin.