SII Argentina assume the compromise to ensure an effective implementation based on the SERVICES OF DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE OF SOFTWARE.

For that purpose, the general management assumes this policy as integral part of its practices/businesses thus it is committed to take a visible leadership ensuring its dissemination, understanding, compromise and compliance. This policy is documented and available to all levels of the company as everyone who is interested requires it.

This policy is appropriate to the purpose and context of the business, serving as a support for its strategic view onto the establishment of quality objectives.

In consequence, we are committed to:

  • Fulfill the relevant requirements.
  • Demand a behavior according to the corporative values.
  • Fulfill the requirements previously deal with the clients in terms of the scope, costs, delivery time and quality.
  • Maintain and ensure the efficiency of the quality management system based in rule ISO 9001:2015, detecting and preventing the development of Non-Conformities and developing a line of a continuous improvement.
  • Ensure that all the employees are capable, and they get an appropriate training.