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Software development

We conceptualize, design, develop, implement and maintain specific software solutions, according to the market needs and/or criteria of our clients.

Customized development

We cover the entire development cycle of a software product. From the design of services, through the user experience and usability to the continuous integration of the product in its new versions, based on agile methodologies and especially in SCRUM.

Software Factory

It is our most consolidated service, with more than 12 years of experience developing technological products. From our headquarters in Mendoza and to Argentina and the world, we offer our Software Factory services.


We are experts in continuous integration, offering, among others, the following services: SCM, unit and integration tests, performance and load tests, static code analysis, traceability and impact analysis.

Our competencies


SII Argentina has contributed to the development of numerous products of the Group, including ServiceONE®, the Smart solution focused on infrastructure management and service, and DocManager, our own tool for document management.


ServiceONE® is the Facility Management software developed by SII Argentina to respond to the needs of organizations in the field of Infrastructure Management and the Services they provide. Through its experience in implementing large organizations in various sectors of activity, ServiceONE® is today one of the solutions best adapted to the new needs of Facility Management on its way to digital transformation.

The tool has a technological platform that allows the integration of all the agents that cover the management of the infrastructure and its services, dialoguing with the main computer solutions of the market (ERP’s, Databases, GIS, CAD, BIM, etc.) and in turn integrating the intelligent elements of the infrastructure into a single scorecard under a concept of service management based on its effectiveness and efficiency.

Integration with any type of device connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).
Virtual assistant with cognitive conversational experience, able to interact with humans.
Maximum optimization of infrastructures and services
Accessible solution 100% Web, without installation
Scalable solution (modular and parameterizable, without programming)
Creation of audits that ensure the quality of service
Integration of all users (customers and suppliers), with SLA/OLA control
SOA system architecture, open platform and standard
Process management, configurable flow design
Integrable with ERP, GIS, CAD and measuring equipment (SCADA, BMS)

DocManager is a virtual Document Manager web access, with maximum usability and accessibility, that revolutionizes the complex process of document management to transform it into a simple question, looking for a practical and useful purpose from the perspective of the end user and the content administrator.

It establishes a rigorous control of access to information through the establishment of permits for different roles of end users.

It preserves and guarantees the documentation thanks to its historical archive, meeting the needs of the life cycle of any document.

The fact of having a 100% web access allows to have the information at any time and from any device, whether fixed or mobile.

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