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Strategic consulting

Our strategic consultancy services cover all processes related to the maintenance, management and use of information as well as the technology that support it, effectively contributing to the development of the value chain of organizations.

We offer our in situ experience and knowledge so the client can make the most relevant and convenient decisions, thanks to a rigorous and analytical approach from all perspectives of business activity.

IT Government

We have a great experience in the implementation of master plans, management and organizational models, scorecards, change management, catalog of services, etc.

Service design and Customer Experience

Our service design and customer experience service focuses on the full satisfaction of the client, the design of the process and the strategy on how to lend it.

Project management

We carry out the planning, control, execution and closure of projects based on good practices and standards of greater recognition in the market.

Design of information systems

In order to improve the efficiency of your IT processes and operations, we identify and analyze needs, model and select solutions and control results.

Business Intelligence

We transform the data into quality information to help companies improve their predictions and make smart business decisions.

Smart City Consultancy

We accompany local administrations in the definition of the urban transformation model best suited to their needs, putting at your disposal, through our 360º consultancy, the best solutions to develop it.

Process improvement

We offer our knowledge in the provision of Due Diligence services, Process Analysis, Optimization and Selection of solutions for the optimization of the management and operation of IT.


We are certified trainers in the use and implementation of ITIL methodologies (management) and SCRUM (development), with capacity and experience to offer customized training adapted to the needs of the business.

Software development

We conceptualize, design, develop, implement and maintain specific software solutions, according to the market needs and/or criteria of our clients.

Customized development

We cover the entire development cycle of a software product. From the design of services, through the user experience and usability to the continuous integration of the product in its new versions, based on agile methodologies and especially in SCRUM.

Software Factory

It is our most consolidated service, with more than 12 years of experience developing technological products. From our headquarters in Mendoza and to Argentina and the world, we offer our Software Factory services.


We are experts in continuous integration, offering, among others, the following services: SCM, unit and integration tests, performance and load tests, static code analysis, traceability and impact analysis.

Our competencies

Testing & QA

We have specialized technical teams with a high experience in the verification and analysis of software to ensure its maximum efficiency and quality.

We offer our software quality services based on three modalities:


Sofware Testing

A wide range of software testing services to help you deliver quality software products and applications to your customers.

Software Quality Assurance

We cover the whole process of software development, from the definition of requirements to the continuous integration of the product.

Testing Automation

The automation of testing leads to a significant increase in the quality of the tests, reducing execution times and costs.

Testing & SQA Factory

We offer our Software Testing Factory in the format of OffShore o NearShore, based on Service Level Agreements and the use of the main market tools.

Own processes of the factory

Own or customer testing tools

Test levels: Development, systems and acceptance

Own ticketing tools and workflow

Modality: nearshore and offshore

Assignment of a Service Manager of SII Argentina

Telecommunications and Infrastructures

We offer our clients an engineering, operations and support service that covers the field of IT infrastructure and applications.

User support 

Incident management with great service orientation
Activity management
Stock tracking
Use of own or customer’s ticketing application

Maintenance and monitoring

Diagnosis, registration, treatment and resolution of incidents
Monitoring of networks, equipment, lines
Detection, registration, alarm discrimination
Constant information to the customer of the state of the service

Service management

Monitoring of the KPI, KPM and KPG service
Service Level Agreements
Periodic follow-up with the client
Control of the plant inventory (CMDB)

Performing periodic tasks

Execution of operational tasks following the operative instructions created by experts in each of the technologies.
Preparation and execution of periodic tests on the service.
Review and control of configurations of installed equipment.


 Facilities coordination
Start-up and configuration of equipment
Administrative tasks
Modification of equipment configuration

Systems Technician Services

Maintenance of communications lines
Customer LAN maintenance
Solution design, implementation of improvements and trend analysis
Development of projects for fixed and mobile networks

Our work environments

Workplace Management

We have a team of professionals specialized in the provision of services for a global management of the job. Through a service portal, we manage customer service, incidents and availability of IT resources associated with the job. 

We guarantee its availability always based on the levels of service previously agreed with our customers, thanks to an efficient, proactive management, based on quality standards, and personalized and integrated support that provides customers with significant benefits.

LAN network management
Server Management
Fixed Telephony Management
Mobility Management
Videoconference management
User Management
Print Management
Security management
Hardware Provision
Hardware Maintenance
Software Distribution
Software Homologation

We offer a efficient, proactive management, based on quality standards, and a custom and integrated support which provides customers with significant benefits.

We have experience in numerous projects for leading companies in the ICT sector. We use ITIL methodology and a working model based on the client and the value it receives.

Our services can be offered both in our facilities and in those of the client, but always by teams of multidisciplinary professionals with continuous training, which guarantee the success of the project.

For the management of the Workplace Management service, our own advanced service management solution, ServiceONE, integrates with the leading tool in the market regarding the use of artificial intelligence applied to ticketing and to user management: IBM Watson.

·  Service Portal for requests and incidents
·  Custom service catalog
·  Design and follow up of SLA / OLA
·  Registration and collection of KPI’s
·  Monitoring of criticalities
·  Monitoring of criticalities
IBM Watson is the bet of Concatel SII to add to ServiceONE a cognitive conversational experience that provides answers and acts in self-service mode thanks to its cognitive technology able to understand, learn, reason and interact with humans.

·  Reduction of support costs
·  Rapid resolution of incidents
·  Improve customer satisfaction
·  Reduced response time
·  Metrics for advanced analytics

IT User Service Center

We are specialists in the customized design of IT User Service Centers for all types of organizations. We offer a comprehensive service capable of covering the 3 phases of management of a dedicated IT User Service Center, from its implementation and its subsequent management to its operation with our own team of professionals.


An IT User Service Center serves as a single access point for the users of an organization when it comes to managing their incidents and service provision in everything related to the use of the information systems of any kind of organization.

In SII Argentina we are experts in offering this service in a dedicated way and adapted to the needs of each client, either in their facilities or in ours, contributing from the first day the advantages of outsourcing this service with a high level of resolution in the first level due to the demanding continuous training plan of our agents.

Our IT User Service Center model is based on ITIL methodology, a set of Best Practices for the management of ICT services aimed at aligning said services with the needs of the business. These Best Practices cover mainly two major areas: support and provision of the service.

Systematic approach to the ICT service focused on processes and procedures

Establishment of strategies for the operational management of the IT infrastructure


We have our own Service Management tool, ServiceONE, able to integrate the conversational experience of the IBM Watson virtual assistant, to offer our clients a high level of resolution of incidents in the first level with a significant reduction in costs and response times.


We have a 100% Cloud Virtual Switchboard system, flexible, with a pay-per-use system that can be easily deployed and integrated with CRM, ERP, ticketing and Active Directory systems. At the same time, our expertise allows us to adapt to any other type of communication infrastructure of our clients.

Technical Team

Our team of technical professionals and IT infrastructure managers have extensive experience, knowledge and certifications in the implementation, management and operation of all types of CAU dedicated to companies of all sizes and sectors. In the same way, we are experts in the formation of Helpdesk teams dedicated to the resolution of incidents and first level services.


We have Technical Centers equipped with the human and technological infrastructure necessary to carry out the remote operation of any type of dedicated CAU. Also, we have the ability to implement, manage and operate In Situ, in the dependencies of our customers, whatever their location, with our staff or carrying out the training of human resources of our customers.


SII Argentina has contributed to the development of numerous products of the Group, including ServiceONE®, the Smart solution focused on infrastructure management and service, and DocManager, our own tool for document management.


ServiceONE® is the Facility Management software developed by SII Argentina to respond to the needs of organizations in the field of Infrastructure Management and the Services they provide. Through its experience in implementing large organizations in various sectors of activity, ServiceONE® is today one of the solutions best adapted to the new needs of Facility Management on its way to digital transformation.

The tool has a technological platform that allows the integration of all the agents that cover the management of the infrastructure and its services, dialoguing with the main computer solutions of the market (ERP’s, Databases, GIS, CAD, BIM, etc.) and in turn integrating the intelligent elements of the infrastructure into a single scorecard under a concept of service management based on its effectiveness and efficiency.

Integration with any type of device connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).
Virtual assistant with cognitive conversational experience, able to interact with humans.
Maximum optimization of infrastructures and services
Accessible solution 100% Web, without installation
Scalable solution (modular and parameterizable, without programming)
Creation of audits that ensure the quality of service
Integration of all users (customers and suppliers), with SLA/OLA control
SOA system architecture, open platform and standard
Process management, configurable flow design
Integrable with ERP, GIS, CAD and measuring equipment (SCADA, BMS)

DocManager is a virtual Document Manager web access, with maximum usability and accessibility, that revolutionizes the complex process of document management to transform it into a simple question, looking for a practical and useful purpose from the perspective of the end user and the content administrator.

It establishes a rigorous control of access to information through the establishment of permits for different roles of end users.

It preserves and guarantees the documentation thanks to its historical archive, meeting the needs of the life cycle of any document.

The fact of having a 100% web access allows to have the information at any time and from any device, whether fixed or mobile.

IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing any type of service is, for any type of company, a strategic decision that implies incorporating an external supplier into its value chain.

At SII Argentina we are aware of the responsibility that this trust implies and we respond to it by establishing stable and lasting relationships with our clients based on our ability to understand any type of business.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients because we know their business in depth, and we know how IT impacts their bottom line.

We have professionals with experience in all types of businesses, as well as models of flexible service provision and adapted to any of their needs, which allow us to offer the market a wide range of outsourcing services that cover all areas and business processes.

Main benefits of IT Outsourcing

Best IT and recruitment capacity on the market

Our recruitment services are highly effective thanks to our recruiters and line managers and resource managers, who with the use of IT tools increase the number of CVs every month. In terms of direct job search, SII collaborates with the main employment groups, universities and professional associations.

Mature Administration and Back Office processes

The added value of supplementing the project teams with Sii specialists is the Administrative and Back Office support which deals with all the tax and employment responsibilities, from negotiating and signing contracts, through managing payroll taxes, delegations, employee relocation procedures to providing work related incentives. We have the expertise to handle the processes with a quick turnaround allowing our clients to focus on their core business.


We provide flexibility to the Clients, because they can adapt their use of resources at any time, for example, when the budget has to be reduced or the project ends. In addition, it is easier and faster to terminate the contract with SII and reduce capacity and FTE than with permanent employees, since clients do not face the risk of paying compensation packages, neglecting the notification period or dealing with poor public relations and demands.

Reduction of occupational risks

We assume full responsibility as suppliers, freeing our clients from all their obligations regarding our resources, such as: deal with employee complaints, unions, dropout rate and dismissals. In other words, we administer all risks related to employment for the client.

Our skills in Outsourcing

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

Our strategic consulting services cover all our clients processes related to the use of IT, effectively contributing to the development of its value chain.

Software development

Software development

We design, develop, implement and maintain specific technological solutions, according to the needs of our customers.

Telecommunications and Infrastructures

Telecommunications and Infrastructures

We offer our clients an engineering, operations and support service that covers the field of IT infrastructure and applications.

Workplace Management

Workplace Management

Services for a more efficient Workplace Management, increasing the productivity of the personnel and infrastructure of our clients.

IT User Service Center

IT User Service Center

We provide the personnel, experience, technology and processes necessary to help people in their daily relationship with technology.

Methods of intervention

Depending on the requirements and commitment to the results, the quality and/or the waiting time of the clients, we offer different adapted and adaptable intervention methods. All intervention methods can be carried out OnSite, NearShore and OffShore.


At the customer’s premises


In our dependencies


Project outsourcing

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