During last week, SII CVT Argentina, the subsidiary of SII Group in this country, organized some business breakfasts and other professional talks about Facility Management, a discipline in which we are experts, and we have our own smart tool ServiceONE®.

The first stop of this professional route was held in the Faculty of Exact Sciences, Engineering and Surveying of Rosario. This was followed by the two bussiness breakfasts in Rosario and Buenos Aires respectively. Miquel Nogué, Director of Product Development and Quality of SII Concatel, computer engineer, and Ideologist of ServiceONE®, led all these professional meetings under the title “Listen to the buildings”. During these meetings, Nogué introduced the listeners in the discipline, and then he analyzed the importance of having a suitable technology to achieve a good management of buildings.

‘From a good management tool, the Facility Manager can obtain different kinds of data, turn it into information and generate personalized reports to draw conclusions and make strategic decisions.’ (Miquel Nogué)

So, Nogué exposed the importance of knowing how is the use of the spaces of an infrastructure, because having a record of this information enable the Facility Manager to optimize the use of each space. Therefore, the Facility Management aims to offer the highest quality to the users of an infrastructure, by obtaining total efficiency and effectiveness in all processes that are generated from an organization.

So, this series of business events have undoubtedly represented a great opportunity for the company in its objective of strengthening the international distribution of ServiceONE®, especially in Latin America.