Outsourcing any type of service is, for any type of company, a strategic decision that implies incorporating an external supplier into its value chain.

At SII Argentina we are aware of the responsibility that this trust implies and we respond to it by establishing stable and lasting relationships with our clients based on our ability to understand any type of business.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our clients because we know their business in depth, and we know how IT impacts their bottom line.

We have professionals with experience in all types of businesses, as well as models of flexible service provision and adapted to any of their needs, which allow us to offer the market a wide range of outsourcing services that cover all areas and business processes.

Main benefits of IT Outsourcing

Best IT and recruitment capacity on the market

Our recruitment services are highly effective thanks to our recruiters and line managers and resource managers, who with the use of IT tools increase the number of CVs every month. In terms of direct job search, SII collaborates with the main employment groups, universities and professional associations.

Mature Administration and Back Office processes

The added value of supplementing the project teams with Sii specialists is the Administrative and Back Office support which deals with all the tax and employment responsibilities, from negotiating and signing contracts, through managing payroll taxes, delegations, employee relocation procedures to providing work related incentives. We have the expertise to handle the processes with a quick turnaround allowing our clients to focus on their core business.


We provide flexibility to the Clients, because they can adapt their use of resources at any time, for example, when the budget has to be reduced or the project ends. In addition, it is easier and faster to terminate the contract with SII and reduce capacity and FTE than with permanent employees, since clients do not face the risk of paying compensation packages, neglecting the notification period or dealing with poor public relations and demands.

Reduction of occupational risks

We assume full responsibility as suppliers, freeing our clients from all their obligations regarding our resources, such as: deal with employee complaints, unions, dropout rate and dismissals. In other words, we administer all risks related to employment for the client.

Our skills in Outsourcing

Strategic consulting

Strategic consulting

Our strategic consulting services cover all our clients processes related to the use of IT, effectively contributing to the development of its value chain.

Software development

Software development

We design, develop, implement and maintain specific technological solutions, according to the needs of our customers.

Telecommunications and Infrastructures

Telecommunications and Infrastructures

We offer our clients an engineering, operations and support service that covers the field of IT infrastructure and applications.

Workplace Management

Workplace Management

Services for a more efficient Workplace Management, increasing the productivity of the personnel and infrastructure of our clients.

IT User Service Center

IT User Service Center

We provide the personnel, experience, technology and processes necessary to help people in their daily relationship with technology.

Methods of intervention

Depending on the requirements and commitment to the results, the quality and/or the waiting time of the clients, we offer different adapted and adaptable intervention methods. All intervention methods can be carried out OnSite, NearShore and OffShore.


At the customer’s premises


In our dependencies


Project outsourcing