Santa Fe’s Government (Argentina) presented last Tuesday an advance of TecnoFe 2016-2018 Strategic Plan, a comprehensive plan for the technological development of the region, on which is projected an investment of 57 million dollars and on whose development Argentina CVTeam is participating.

The Subsidiary Company of SII Concatel in Argentina is now participating in the development of TecnoFE, the Strategic Plan which will comprise more than 55 technological projects. The presentation of the Plan was carried out by the Governor of Santa Fe, Miguel Lifschitz who defined it as:

“This plan is designed to develop technologies with our own companies, specialists and technicians, without discarding the best of the experience and technology that can be found available”

He also pointed that:

“The plan will allow us saving money in many areas, improving management and, above all, providing better service to citizens in strategic areas such as health, education and public safety; in resource and contracting systems management to achieve faster, agile, efficient and transparent mechanisms; as well as electoral systems and data management”

The presentation of the Plan managed to bring about 300 attendees from companies and intermediary entities in the IT sector, universities, technological centers of Rosario, Santa Fe and Reconquista, IT managers and some ministries of the Government of Santa Fe. CVTeam Argentina continues working on this important project, detailing its programs, and, again, helping public administrations to align technology with its objectives and to provide a more agile, fast, efficient and transparent service to citizens.